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LED RGB Strip-Addressable (0.5Meter)


These are addressable RGB LED strips that come packed with 15 LEDs (0.5M) or 30 LEDs (1M) . Except the features of high brightness and full color, you can control each LED RGB individually, and each of these strips are enclosed by a flexible silicon jacket  to protect your LEDs . It is fashionable for you to create cool lighting effects for your home decorative, fish tank, your car or perhaps cabinet lighting in your kitchen.
With a 3-pin connector, you can use Me RJ11 Adapter to connect the strip to Makeblock Me BaseBoard like below picture. an Arduino library has been provided  for easy programming. 


  • High brightness and full color RGB LED.
  • Be able to control each LED RGB individually by programming.
  • 15 WS2812  LEDs (0.5 meter).
  • Comes with Arduino library for easy programing.
  • Working voltage: 5VDC.
  • Working currrent: 1.8A/meter
  • Working temperature: -40℃~60℃.
  • Viewing angle: ≥140.
  • Lifespan: MTBF≥50000h.

dimensions: 500 x 13 x 3 mm(Length x Width x Height) length of power cable are not included.

Note: the working current (1.8A/meter) is the peak current when the strip lights up  three colors with maximum brightness. When you light up less than three colors or lower the brightness, the current will reduce more.



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