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5VDC-8-Channel Relay Module with optocoupler


This 5VDC relay module is active LOW meaning that LOW level will activate the relay on and HIGH level will deactivate it. Module can be controlled by a wide range of micro-controllers such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, PIC, AVR, BeagleBone and many more. Convenient standard 2.54mm pitch input headers and KF301 screw terminals for output means that no soldering is required, just connect your wires and you are ready to go. Module has eight status LEDs built in. Each output terminal has normaly Closed (NC), Common and Normally Open (NO) connections.


  • 8-Channel Relay interface board.
  • Each one needs 15-20mA Driver Current.
  • Equiped with high-current relay: DC30V 10A
  •                                                           AC250V 10A.
  • Each relay has normally open and normally closed contact.
  • The 8 channels are optically isolated, safe, reliable, anti-interference.
  • Can be selected by jumper relay and TTL or ground. With power indicator,the 8- channels also have a status indicator.
  • The circuit board size 140mm X 55mm.
  • Mounting hole size 133mm X 40mm.

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